About Me

Greetings, fellow poker players and fans! My name, as you probably guessed from the domain, is Jon Sofen. I am a Freelance Writer and poker player residing in Las Vegas.

I have been a member of the CardsChat News team since 2015 and have played poker since 2003. Yep, I’m part of the Moneymaker poker boom. Like many others, I began watching the WSOP on ESPN back in the day and the thought of winning big drew me to the game.

I never thought I would ever enjoy poker. A few months before I began playing, I came to Vegas on a vacation with a friend who had recently graduated college. He was watching people play poker at the old Sahara casino. I stood next to him and said, “let’s go, this is lame.” Months later, I got hooked on this great game and have never looked back.

I’m glad you found my website and hope you find it valuable. What I can promise you is everything you read on here will be my honest opinion and the news I present will be accurate. I am not a corporate shill nor will I take money from anyone to either bash a poker room or promote a card room. I cannot be bought!

Again, thank you for stopping by my website. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at jonsofen@live.com. Good luck at the tables!