Political Tribalism is One of America’s Biggest Problems

I’ve never understood the cult-like mentality of American politics. Although I’ve voted for a Republican 75 percent of the time, I don’t consider myself a Republican. And I’m not really sure why anyone aligns with either party.

What happens when you identify as a Republican or a Democrat is you lose any ability to be objective. And you start adopting views that you don’t truly believe in. For example, if you identify as a Republican, you’re unlikely to be pro-abortion and pro-gun. Or, if you’re a Democrat, you probably won’t support lower taxes and  oppose gun control legislation.

Why can’t someone oppose abortions but also believe more gun control is needed? Those two issues aren’t connected in any way, so it seems crazy to think almost no Democrat or Republican would agree on either issue.

Americans need to learn to think for themselves instead of joining political cults. It’s gotten ridiculous. I’m not singling out the Trump base or the liberals here. It’s a serious problem on both sides.

Donald Trump is a pathological liar. That’s indisputable. It just amazes me how millions of people have convinced themselves that indisputable fact isn’t true, all because they approve of his policies, or have been brainwashed to believe in whatever policies The Donald proposes. Why can’t the Trump supporters just say, “Donald is a liar and a con man, but the policies he’s pushing through are great for America?”

Oh, right, because they’re in a cult and no cultist would ever criticize the cult leader. And then on the left, you have a cult-like mentality when it comes to political correctness or criticizing the President. Look, I get it, Trump isn’t a decent human being and he’s borderline racist. But the economy is doing pretty well no matter how hard the liberal media tries to spin it. We aren’t headed for a recession.

And when it comes to political correctness, it’s just gotten out of hand. Don’t be a racist or a bigot. That’s common sense. But you can’t say anything anymore without being called a racist, sexist, or bigot. Comedy has essentially been ruined because it’s impossible for comedians to crack jokes about race, religion, or gender.

What’s funny is these liberals who now pretend to find everything offensive used to laugh hysterically at shows like Married With Children. Could you imagine a show with a sexist character like Al Bundy thriving in 2019? Not a chance. You’d have women’s marches trying to get the show banned.

But 20 years ago, the marchers were in love with shows like Married With Children. What happened? The Democratic party had a culture shift about a dozen years ago and has brainwashed its base into believing everything is offensive. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

The same can be said about the Trump cult. Actually, the cult-like mentality is even worse on the right now. What was once the party of “family values” is now the party of “whatever Trump tells us to believe.” I’ve never seen so many people lie to themselves about a person they’ve never even met.

Literally everything they say about Trump (he’s a great businessman, he’s honest, he’s an Alpha male) is so insanely false that only a complete fool would believe it. Donald Trump lies every time he opens his mouth. That isn’t hyperbole. There are thousands of provable lies he’s told over the past few years. He’s indisputably a womanizer who has cheated on all of his spouses. He defrauded Americans by creating a fake university. And he’s likely a Russian agent who assisted in rigging a presidential election in America.

But there are millions of people in this country lying to themselves about Trump all because of this ridiculous cult-like mentality in American politics.