Why Can’t People Be More Objective When it Comes to Politics?


I just don’t get it. The whole sports fan mentality when it comes to American politics is utterly ridiculous. Why people are so brainwashed by the political party they associate with is beyond me.

This isn’t a dig at one side more than the other. Both Republicans and Democrats have gone off the deep end and it’s sad to see.

What’s funny is biased people on each side think it’s the other side that is causing the political divide in America. But those of us who don’t associate as either a Democrat or a Republican know that both parties are to blame.

I’m not a Trump supporter. I’m not a Hillary Clinton supporter. I don’t think the current president’s policies are the worst thing to ever happen to the country. And I don’t think they’re doing much to help average Americans.

But I’m getting sick and tired of the “liberal media” (yes, it IS very liberal) exaggerating what’s going on in this country simply to make the president look bad. Trump makes himself look bad on his own. There’s no need to act like millions are going to die every time he signs an executive order.

Yes, Trump is divisive. Most of what comes out of his mouth is reprehensible. The guy who claims to have “the best words” has a third grader’s vocabulary. And this man has absolutely no ability whatsoever to tell the truth. He insults everyone who refuses to go along with his agenda.

But the liberal media (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) are just as culpable for the America’s political divide. Instead of reporting the news, they attempt to force you to think a certain way. Donald Trump isn’t going to turn the US into Nazi Germany. His policies aren’t destroying this country as much as the media is leading us on to believe.

America is still a great place to live. The “American Dream” is still alive. The economy is doing well, as is the stock market. Do I give Trump credit for that? Eh, maybe a little. But he’s certainly not crushing the economy like the liberal media scared us all into believing.

In the 1990s, the Republicans acted the same way towards Bill Clinton. They refused to support his spending bill or pass healthcare reform. Newt Gingrich and Company made a bigger deal about Whitewater and Slick Willy’s marital affairs than was necessary, much like the Dems are making a mockery of the Russian investigation now.

Donald Trump is not a good human by any stretch of the imagination. He lies more than anyone I’ve ever encountered. He never stayed faithful to any of his wives and very likely committed sexual assaults numerous times. On top of that, he can’t control his temper.

I’m certainly not defending the guy. But Democrats and the media need to quit making a big deal out of everything he says and does. The media is every bit as responsible for the political divide as Trump.

And ditto for the liberals and Trump supporters. I simply don’t understand why people blindly support any politician, not just Trump.

If you view Trump’s MAGA followers, you’ll notice pretty much none of them even give the slightest bit of criticism for the president. And the liberal social media users wouldn’t give Trump credit for anything if their life depended on it.

This cult mentality is what is wrong with this country. To the Trump supporters, you’ve never even met the guy. You’re ignoring all of his lies and questionable character for no reason whatsoever. Stop doing that. You’re not MAGA’ing by allowing our president to get away with so many lies and horrible acts.

And to you liberals out there, you’re doing a disservice to this great nation when attack Trump and his supporters over the tiniest things. Stop it.

We can all do better.